Hand picked quality Wines from the Region Krems

Winzer Krems, Sandgrube 13

Winzer Krems, Sandgrube 13, is one of the most famous wine addresses in Austria. The location is unique: at the entrance to the Wachau World Heritage Site, one of the most beautiful river landscapes in Europe. Enjoyable in the truest sense of the word.

As the largest quality wine producer in Austria, Winzer Krems only takes hand-picked grapes from around 950 member winegrowers with a contracted vineyard area of ​​around 1,000 hectares every year.

The entire harvest is taken over and processed separately according to grape varieties, different quality levels and individual locations of origin.

Accurate reading planning is required to cope with this task. All year round, wine experts are out and about in the winegrowers’ vineyards, providing advice on plant protection, soil cultivation, pruning and care. In the months of July and August, they assess the ripening progress of the various sites and varieties. Then, with the help of IT, an exact reading order is created. This measure ensures that the grapes are harvested at the optimal time, as well as a 100% separation of the different varieties and locations (origins).

Immediately before the grapes are accepted, the quality, i.e. the natural sugar content of the grapes, is determined and the classification into the various categories such as quality wine, cabinet wine, late harvest, etc. is made. The Krems winemaker has the opportunity to press a wide variety of independent wines, each with a special touch and character, depending on quality and origin.


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