Quartermarathon + Team Event

Quartermarathon + Team event

September 17th 2023 / Start 09:30 am

We look forward to welcoming you again to the 24th WACHAUmarathon this year. Here you will find all the important information about the run and route of the quartermarathon. You also have the option of downloading the guide for the route as well as loading the entire route into your running watch – in short, the perfect preparation!

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date September 17th 2023
Start time 09:30 am
Start Achleiten
Finish Krems
Distance 11,0 km
Age group M-U20; M-30; M-40; M-50; M-55; M-60; M-65; M-70
W-U20; W-30; W-40; W-50; W-55; W-60; W-65
Entry fee

€ 45,- 

price jumps:
from January 1st: € 50,- 
July 1st until September 6th: € 60,-

late entry (from September 6th): € 70,

€ 130,- 

price jumps:
from January 1st: € 150,- 
July 1st until September 6th: € 180,-

late entry (from September 6th): € 200,-

Registration possible until September 6th
Late entry possible on Sept. 13th (in Vienna) & Sept. 16th (in Krems)


The race officially begins on Sunday at 09:30 am in Achleiten.

From Achleiten to Krems

The WACHAU running route is enjoyed and appreciated by thousands of hobby runners due to its flat topography.

There is hardly an easier and faster stretch than the one between Achleiten and Krems.

Beginners especially appreciate when there is a running event with no hill or mountain.

These ideal topographical conditions enable them to more easily achieve their own personal running goals.

On the other hand  the WACHAUmarathon can offer performance-oriented runners the perfect conditions for a fast race.

In this way the Wachau “track” especially promotes personal best performances.

To ensure an even faster and more beautiful route, we changed the starting-point to Achleiten, the heart of the Wachau!

You will start right in the middle of wineyards and pass the most beautiful part of the Wachau.

In addition to the rapid route, the unique scenery of the Wachau is the “star” of the WACHAUmarathon! You will pass numerous attractions on the way to Krems.

Transponder timing

All runners need a ChampionChip.

If you do not have your own chip, you have to book a chip when registering online. The timing systems only read green and yellow ChampionChips. All other and different colored chips cannot be processed.

Participants who only want to RENT a chip for this event will receive a GREEN DAY CHIP (costs € 5,-)  for one-time use at the start number distribution.

Participants who want to BUY a chip will receive a YELLOW CHIP at the start number issue for € 33. You can use the yellow chip at all events managed by Championchip worldwide. This yellow chip cannot be returned, and chips that have already been purchased cannot be returned.

Transportation and Baggage

There are two possible ways (bus will be announced soon) to get from Krems to the start of the Quartermarathon in Achleiten.

The bus is included in the entry fee.

You must choose your travel option at the registration. On your bib number you will find your choice and the time.

Please note that the road through the Wachau is closed from 8:00 a.m. on the day of the event and can no longer be used.


Baggage Transport

Baggage transport will be carried out by busses located near the starting area and marked with your event and bib number.

Please have your bib number at hand when dropping off and picking up baggage. 

Baggage may be deposited beginning an hour before the event until at the latest 10 minutes before the start.

At the finish line the busses will be located near the conference halls – please follow the signs.

We inform you that only clothing bags distributed by the organizer and marked with name and number will be transported.

We take no responsibility for lost articles, most especially including clothing sacks and the valuables deposited in them.

Energy stations along the route

Catering during the run is an important element in any runner’s success. For this reason the WACHAUmarathon team works hard every year to provide the ideal availability of liquids and food along the route.

Working with our partners we are able to set up 3 Hydration/Energy Stations along the entire marathon route.

During the quartermarathon you can refill your energy reverses at:


Running in a team of 4

The 11k quarter marathon starting in Achleiten can be completed as an individual runner or as a team.

A team consists of 4 people, who will be rated together.

Each member of the team has to run the distance of 11 km.

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